Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mid-Autumn Festival

With the Moon Cake festival approaching and the store shelves getting empty, have you managed to visit FANTASTIC Moon Cake heaven at VivoCity? The flavors offered by various brands are just endless-from frozen champagne to one of the oldest variations, Sozhou.  Some of the more popular and unique fillings that could be tasted there as well include pineapple, chocolate, jelly, seaweed, yogurt, and even ice cream. Sweet and savory, warm and cold...

Perhaps different countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and even the United States where the festival is celebrated have had impact on the wide variety of flavors you could find now. But they are all designed around the same tradition and idea that Moon Cakes are made for family gatherings, and are designed to be eaten on happy occasions.

Wish you Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!