Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas | An Exclusive Fresh Fruits Workshop With Rainbowly

This will probably put you to Christmas mood. If you are clueless at this moment, or have no ideas over the shopping for Christmas gifts, here is a fun suggestion – fresh fruits workshop from Rainbowly. It’s all about customizable fruit bouquets or dipped fruits arrangement.
On a lazy Sunday, we had our learning adventure with Rainbowly’s workshop. We noted down 7 good reasons on why you should sign up for Rainbowly’s workshops!
Professional. Rainbowly engages a UK professional to train their fruit artists to do the arrangements at international standards.
Premium Quality. The chocolate used are high quality chocolate imported from Europe. They are paired with luscious fruits that are freshly imported globally from USA, Australia and France. Rainbowly aims to create artisanal pieces of art that leave you gastronomically impressed.
Easy Learning. Pick a pot. Layer your base with lettuces. Stick your strawberries together. The fruit artisanal coach is patient to coach you. The workshop is curated with easy learning steps for many beginners.  
Good Variety. You will never get bored during Rainbowly’s fresh fruits workshop. You will get to explore and make many decorative designs. It is really fun.
Hassle Free. While Rainbowly team aims to create a fun workshop, they have all the resources and equipments for you. Save all the time and hassle to do them from home!
Good Gift Ideas. At the end of our workshop, the pots were filled with colorfully decorated fruits. They were awesomely packaged like gifts.
Very Customizable. Rainbowly is definitely not all about these workshops. It is the pioneer for bespoke fresh fruit bouquets and dipped fruits arrangement. Their services are customizable towards their customers’ needs. Their products become stunning centerpieces to celebrate birthdays, festive holidays, and weddings too.

If this thrills you to make your own Christmas gifts, you will definitely get to try them as Rainbowly will be organizing one festive themed workshop during December! Stay tuned.
For more information about Rainbowly Singapore, do visit www.rainbowly.com

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

18 Things That Are Guaranteed To Put You In A Christmas Mood

We live in a country where obvious representation of Xmas such as first snow will hardly ever happen. We asked some of our customers a pretty simple question 

"When does life truly start feeling like Christmas/New Year?"

 Frankly speaking, some of the responses were exceptional! Have a look!

PS 18 Things That Are Guaranteed To Put You In A Christmas Mood:

-Starbucks winter seasonal drink (EGGNOGS!!or Pumpkin Spice)
-Wool socks with Christmas trees
-Coca-Cola Santa Claus TV advertising
-ginger cookie in Ikea
-countdown parties
-Christmas trees around malls
-Red "Xmas Sale" banner
-mulled wine
-Cosmopolitan Singapore December
-Yuletide in the Flower Dome
-Christmas tree at ION
-Sea of illumination on Orchard
-Teddy bears
- Ginger scented candles
-Red&green ribbons
-Packed shopping malls
-Snowfall at Tanglin Mall

We also want Rainbowly remind you about Christmas. So we designed special "Xmas Mood" collection to make you celebration more colorful and memorable.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mid-Autumn Festival

With the Moon Cake festival approaching and the store shelves getting empty, have you managed to visit FANTASTIC Moon Cake heaven at VivoCity? The flavors offered by various brands are just endless-from frozen champagne to one of the oldest variations, Sozhou.  Some of the more popular and unique fillings that could be tasted there as well include pineapple, chocolate, jelly, seaweed, yogurt, and even ice cream. Sweet and savory, warm and cold...

Perhaps different countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and even the United States where the festival is celebrated have had impact on the wide variety of flavors you could find now. But they are all designed around the same tradition and idea that Moon Cakes are made for family gatherings, and are designed to be eaten on happy occasions.

Wish you Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Every wedding is beautiful but ours is the sweetest

When it comes to your once in a lifetime wedding celebration, every detail needs to tie in perfectly. So why stop at your dessert table? In fact, as the celebrated American chef, Julia Child once said,
“A party without cake....is just a meeting.”

Here are three tips that can help you to plan your wedding dessert table.

1)   Whole cakes vs cupcakes

Your sense of convenience should help you make the decision for this one. While intricately detailed, large, whole cakes are beautiful and a sight to behold on dessert tables, it might be a bit of a hassle to serve to your guests. Also, whole cakes might not be sufficient for large wedding parties.

Cupcakes, or other bite-size desserts on the other hand are able to solve both concerns. Not only do they come in a variety of sizes – small, bite sized options to your average sized ones, they also come in a variety of flavours. This means you will not have to spend sleepless nights making difficult choices between Red Velvet and Chocolate Ganache.

2)   Wedding themes

The theme of your wedding should always be at the heart of all the d├ęcor decisions (including that of your dessert table) that you make. That however, does not mean that if your theme is romance, that all of your desserts should be pink or red in colour with overflowing hearts. The idea is to insert subtle themed details so that it is not an overkill. 

So for a romantic themed wedding, try having one or two large pink, red or even lavender coloured cakes or strawberry towers as a centrepiece and then several other small desserts in complimentary colours surrounding it. Sprinkle – with a light hand, edible heart candies around the table or decorate with cut out hearts that your guests can pick up and bring home.

3)   Floral arrangements

Are you surprised with this third one? Many people often underestimate the ability for floral decorations to fill up any empty spots on the dessert table and truly make it an elegant corner of the wedding, deserving of its own photoshoot.

But take a minute to picture a dessert table with cakes, cupcakes and mason jars filled with colourful candies – all accompanied with fresh blooms. Does that not put a smile on your face?

Fresh flowers will not only bring a cheer to your dessert table, it will also help make your wedding dessert table unique.

We hope these three short and quick tips help you with planning your wedding dessert table. But before we go, here are our last words – No matter what choices you make, follow your heart and we guarantee a memorable wedding and a blushing, content bride.” Rainbowly 2015.